Helpful stuff

This is not the definitive list of all the resources to help you get started, but below are the typical kinds of things that our members used to get into the sport and to support themselves.  We have broken things down a bit for you, but one amazing resource that is worth visiting in person if you live in Northern California, is the Sonoma Raceway, Motorsports Industrial Park... it is unique in the US to have a center like this, right next to a world class race track.  

Where to buy a car

Finding a car can be great fun.  Below are some of the ways you can hunt down the perfect car and get great advice along the way.

  • Come to the races, there will almost always be cars for sale, and people with advice on who has one for sale
  • There are sometimes surprises on Craigslist, Ebay, even Hemmings sometimes has a cool car or two
  • Race shops (listed below) and car clubs and forums like ApexSpeed often have inside knowledge on who has a car that might be willing to part with it.
  • is fully dedicated to race cars and many great vintage cars are listed.
  • Sometimes auction site has race cars, the week we wrote this they had a sweet Austin Healy Sprite and a Formula V
  • Winding Road and Racing Junk both have listings from all over the web 
  • Fantasy Junction curates some of the worlds most important collector cars, race cars included.  The Trenary family are also quick, experienced vintage racers and a source of great advice
  • Motorsports Market is a specialist race car broker, and Art Hebert himself is an experienced racer
  • Grand Prix Classic and Canepa focus on the dream budget end of the market, so definitely amazing to browse and an option if you have a larger budget.
  • Vintage racing and classic car publications all have classifieds and are full of articles and ads for all sorts of useful things.  Take a look at Victory Lane, Vintage Motorsports, Vintage Racecar, Classic Motorports
  • If are wiling to import a car, or just want to lose an entire evening browsing, Race Cars Direct in the UK always has a ton of listings. 

Race shops that specialize in Vintage racing

There are the rare individuals who do it all... build engines, weld cages and set qualifying records.  But for most of us mere mortals race shops are an important resource.  Whether you want to do all your own work, or you simply want to drive the car with full race-day support.  Whether you need parts, machine work, suspension alignments, car storage and transportation, driver coaching, repairs, or hand holding as you develop your skills and your car, race shops can play a part in making your race weekends safe, competitive and great fun. Shops come in all shapes and sizes, from one person specialists, or even shops that focus on just one brand or type of car to large full service organizations.   And don't look beyond your local British car, German, British, Italian or Japanese car shops, a lot of them have a ton of race expertise.  Below is by no means a definitive list, but it will get you started if you live and race in Northern California.


Drivers Gear 

At some point you will need a helmet, driver's suit, gloves, and the various tools and gizmos (like a GoPro) . Below is a list of resources that are not just useful for Vintage Racers, but have wholeheartedly supported our club.  Again not an exhaustive list (just google Nomex Racing suit!) but a start

  • Wine Country Motorsports - Is a super market of everything a race needs, lots of fun to browse
  • Stand21 - Is a world famous name in driver's gear, and a great supporter of CSRG